Monday, November 26, 2007

Kindle supports (atleast some) 4 and 8 GB SDHC Cards

There has been some speculation about whether Kindle supports SDHC cards. Amazon itself says that you can use upto a 4 GB SD card. However per early reports from Guy Teague at and KindleKorner, he was successfully able to use a 8 GB A-Data SDHC card.

To quote him:

here's your answer. an a-data 8gb sdhc class2 card was recognized
instantly, reported 7.5gb free, and the kindle transfered files from
the internal memory to the sd card where i was able to read all the
transferred files.

I would wait to hear more confirmations of this before buying a new SDHC card for the Kindle. If anyone has positive or negative experiences with SD cards w/Kindle please leave a comment!

Also as an fyi, I have heard/read some not so good things about A-Data cards in general.


A. Kaji said...

I am using an 8 GB SDHC card qithout difficulty.

Just a Thought said...

Kindle just arrived today. I put a new Transcend 8GB Class 6 SDHC card in without any trouble. Files tranfered to and from the Kindle's memory, seems to work just fine. I wonder why they aren't advertising this capability.

Azu said...

Are the 8 GB cards new? Could just be an oversight?

Q. Elsewhere someone mentioned using a "wireless" SD card and being able to avoid the need to connect the Kindle when transferring files generated when sent to "name"

Can this in fact be done? I suppose yes if you have the supporting wireless capabilities on the PC that's used to access the return email link to the converted file?

Forgive me, I'm totally new to the Kindle at this point, having only had time to test a few simple files for conversion quirks.

Great blog!

davel said...

I've used a Sandisk 4G SDHC without any trouble.

RWSblog said...

No problems on my Kindle using 8gb pqi HDSC card.


Mr. Amazon Kindle said...

I bought my kindle together with a new A-Data 8GB SD, and works like a charm... I just wonder if someone has tried with 16GB cards... but do we really need that much storage?

Anonymous said...

i used a pqi 8gb sdhc card and things didn't turn out so well for me.

i already had 6 gb of data on it and copied music & books onto it. the first time i started the kindle, it worked fine. after that it wouldn't recognize my card or would say that the read-only tab needed to be unset.

when i looked at my sdhc card on a usb reader, everything was corrupted. i was able to recover using chkdsk.exe, but then i ended up w/ over a thousand files named something like FILE0000.CHK to FILE01234.CHK. it was a very long and painful process of identifying and renaming these files, some of which i still have no idea what they are.

being a glutton for punishment, i tried this a second time with pretty much the same results.

it's possible that the difference between my experience and those of others is that i already had 6 gb of data on the card before inserting it into the kindle. perhaps the hidden system folder that the kindle creates needs to be within the first 2 gb or maybe even all the books and music do.

either way, i just wanted to leave a note to say be careful of what else is stored on your sdhc cards when inserting it into your kindle.

Anonymous said...

I got mine today and have been reading books from a Kingston 8GB SDHC card (Class 4? Has a little 4 inside a "C" and the notation SD4/8GB on the label) this afternoon and evening without issue. It seems to be sometimes slow at flipping pages but no outright failures or other problems.

Anonymous said...

I'm using a 32GB SDHC (Class 4) card from PNY in my Kindle. Works perfectly!

Great machine!
Paul in Delaware

Bonnie said...

I purchased a SanDisk 5GB SDHC card from an Amazon e-seller. It is new. I put it in my Kindle, hooked up the USB to my Mac...and it won't recognize it. It does not show up. I went to Settings on the Kindle, and it shows "O MB Available" for an SD card.

Thinking it might be the card, I took a plain SD card (not SDHC) from a digital camera and inserted it. Same thing--Kindle shows a SD card has been inserted, but reads that zero MBs are available. The graph shows it as if the card is full. (The camera card is only 1/3 full.)

Any thoughts on to what to do next? I've read that people just slip in the card and it shows up as another drive when they connect via USB. Why is mine not showing at all?

Bonnie said...

P.S. I meant to say that it was a SanDisk 4GB SDHC card, not 5GB.

My main problem is that the card won't show as a Kindle drive when I connect by USB. I've tried using different USB slots on my hub...also connected directly to the back of my Mac. Nothing works. Help, please.

How2HQ said...

I use a Sandisk 4G SDHC without a hitch. I use it solely for MP3s and listen with headphones. Sound is really very good with headphones; not so good without.

greptastic said...

Just installed an 8GB SanDisk SDHC card without a hitch.

Anonymous said...

Which version of Kindle DX ? I have a Kindle 2 and unless I'm missing something there isn't a slot

Anonymous said...

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