Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reading feeds on the Kindle for free

Courtesy of TechCrunch, here's a way to read feeds on the Kindle for free using the "Experimental" browser. This is not an uber-hack but useful nevertheless

You can also enter any URL, including Bloglines (but not Google Reader, which requires Javascript and which the Kindle browser does not support)Here is a Kindle hack: you can check out your RSS feeds for the New York Times or the full feed of blogs like TechCrunch for free using the browser, rather than choose to pay a subscription to get them downloaded to the Kindle.

Why just bloglines? You should be able to use any web based feed reader that doesn't require Javascript through the built in browser. So there you have it, never pay for feeds on the Kindle again!

Update: Turns out the Kindle browser supports Javascript! Courtesy of user Tallmomof2 on mobileread.com

"Your Kindle comes with an Experimental application called Basic Web which is a Web browser that is optimized to read text-centric Web sites. It supports JavaScript, SSL and cookies but does not support media plug-ins (Flash, Shockwave, etc.) or Java applets."

Update2: Both http://m.bloglines.com and http://mowser.com should work well as RSS feed readers on Kindle. Unfortunately I can't personally verify this till I get my own Kindle on the 4th! If someone else does, I'll update this post.


Jeff Standen said...

Google's Mobile Reader works as well.

How2HQ said...

I use Bloglines exclusively. I've never had a problem with it on my Kindle.

Anonymous said...

Reading's great, but how about writing? I'm looking for a simple portable B&W low-energy-consuming product to compose on--any chance of a kindle word processor app? Or to connect to a web-based one, originate emails, etc.?
(Sorry if off-topic, but thanks)

Anonymous said...

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Used Kindle said...

Nice Article! But I think the current Kindle browser is severely lacking and needs an overhaul if the Kindle is going to compete with the iPad.